2017 Speakers

Jeff Healey – Director of Product Marketing, Vertica

Dan Woicke – Senior Director of Enterprise System Management, Cerner

Tom Fangman – Vice President, Cerner Population Health Consulting

Siew-Tien Lai – Chief Data Officer, DST Enterprise Services

Jeremy Fisher – Director Applied Analytics Group, DST

Dr. Doug McNair – President, Cerner Math Inc, Cerner

Maria Mann – CIO, DST Systems

Vamsi Kora – CEO, Founder Gathi

Al Martin – Vice President of Analytics for the Data, Appliances, and Cognitive Care Portfolio, IBM

Mani Raman – CTO, Yotabites

Yeshwanth Jagini – Sr. Big Data Engineer, Yotabites

Harshal Sadhankar, Sr DevOps Engineer, Yotabites

Raj Nair, CEO, Yotabites

Yeshwant Rao – C2FO

Taylor Lewick – DevOps Lead, Pinsight Media

Rob Burcham – CTO, Pinsight Media

Peter Clark – CTO, DST Systems

Dmitriy Khots – VP Strategic Insight, WEST Corp

Pradeep Natarajan – HCL

Chris Crosby – CEO, Xaqt

Shawn Moe – HCL Technologies

Piero Ferrante – Sr Director, Data Science, C2FO

Janae Nicholson – Data Scientist, H&R Block

Caitlin McCollister – DST

Justine Hamilton – Program Manager Professional & Continuing Education, KU

BettyAnn Santa Maria – Senior Talent Advisor, DST

Jim Scott – Director Enterprise Strategy and Architecture, MapR

Dave Grace – Account Manager, Adaptive Solutions

Ryan Haggerty – Senior Recruiter, Cerner

Jenny Jones – Senior Account Manager, Hire Technologies

Paul Boal – Amitech Solutions

Scott Kahler – Pivotal

John Young – Chief Data Officer, C2FO

Jared Harpole – Data Scientist, Pinsight Media

Dr. Kevin Payne – Chronic Cow