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Jody Gosch

Vice President, Analytics Development

As the vice president of Analytics Development, Jody Gosch focuses on enterprise analytics and reporting. Jody also has responsibility for quality and regulatory reporting for Cerner Millennium®. He makes an impact on clients by ensuring that Cerner supports our clients’ needs for meaningful use and regulatory reporting. He
also ensures Cerner enables clients to use industry-leading tools to maximize the value of enterprise data to derive new knowledge and insights.

Leadership Experience
Jody joined Cerner in 2000 as a software engineer. He has held various roles in Cerner’s Intellectual Property Organization focused on reporting and analytics as well as performance improvement, database architecture and Cerner Millennium.

During his time at Cerner, Jody has led the creation of the Analytics Development Organization as well as the establishment of an enterprise analytics platform. Through leveraging his experience in a number of
reporting and analytics roles, he has been able to ensure that the right people, technologies and processes are in place to create a platform that will scale to meet the ever increasing analytics demands.

Jody is a graduate of the University of Iowa and has a Bachelor of Business Administration in information systems with a minor in computer science. Jody also has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Kansas.