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Information is the DNA that catalyzes the actions and reactions of an organization to the many opportunities and demands that confront a company’s senior leadership team on a regular basis – whether driven by market, customer, regulatory, risk or shareholder value.  If/when this information is properly managed and utilized, it can become an asset that drives company top-line growth.  Like many other organizations, DST has embarked on a path to catalyze their disparate operations and data plants into an enterprise-level program that elevates information to it’s deserved status as a strategic asset: re-shaping the business into a truly information-centric enterprise where both data quality and consumption are aggressively and consistently managed.

In this keynote, Siew-Tien Lai, Chief Data Officer, DST Enterprise Services and Jeremy Fisher, Director of DST’s Applied Analytics Group, will share DST’s data journey and utilization of big data technology and how they embed best practice-based data management into their processes.

Siew Lai will host a panel discussion in the second half of the session with some best in class professionals within this industry, who will  share their experiences in data, data analytics and Big Data.

Panelists to include:

Maria Mann – CIO, DST Systems

Jeremy Fisher – Director, DST Systems

Vamsi Kora – CEO, Founder Gathi

Dr. Doug McNair – President, Cerner Math Inc, Cerner Corporation