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Dan Woicke

Senior Director of Enterprise System Management

Dan focuses on developing solutions that manage and monitor Cerner Millennium® and its supporting technologies. He makes an impact on clients by providing solutions that ensure seamless operation and administration of Cerner‘s clinical solutions. In turn he makes the data available and transparent for clients through the use of the Lights On Network®.

Dan joined Cerner in 2003 as a Project Manager. His previously held role with the company was project manager for the Millennium Foundations IP team. During his time at Cerner, Dan has launched the clinician usability measurement system which allows Cerner and its clients to measure the efficiency of clinicians and the performance of Cerner Millennium® workflows.

In addition, Dan oversaw the development of Olympus which not only manages and monitors Cerner solutions but also returns back hundreds of key operational metrics so that Cerner can use complex statistical analysis to proactively assure the stability of Cerner’s clients.

Prior to joining Cerner, Dan worked for Accenture Consulting. Dan is a graduate of Iowa State University and has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is certified as a Project Management Professional.